Bentley Off-Road Driving Experience

The Preserve

Apr 12, 2022

The 2-mile long test track features obstacles meant to mimic the kinds of test tracks used in the development of new vehicles. Bentley Off-Road Driving Experience   April 8, 2022 by Tim Studebaker PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – The Preserve Sporting Club in Richmond is debuting a new offering called the where you can drive a brand new Bentley Bentayga SUV around a test track designed to mimic the tracks they use when designing new cars. Professional test track drivers will take Preserve guests out for a guided drive around the 2-mile track with obstacles along the way designed to show off the vehicle’s capabilities. It’s a first of its kind partnership between Bentley and an American outdoor venue to create this off-road track. Paul Mihailides, Chairman of the Preserve Sporting Club says, “While the car is being challenged, you as a driver feel very few bumps. You can feel the torsion of the car and the car turning left and right, but when you go over the rocky areas and the log areas, it’s really extraordinary the ride quality that you get in a Bentley.” Ryan Lewis, part of the Bentley Motors Drive Team says, “We’ve tried to reenact some of the obstacles that would have been used to actually develop the vehicle. We’re trying to show you some axle twists and articulation. We’re trying to show you the amount of body control that the vehicle actually has.”

The Bentley Off-Road Driving Experience

The Bentley Off-Road Driving Experience· is debuting this weekend. For more information visit the Preserve Sporting Club’s website: Source: © WLN E-TV / ABC6 2022

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