The 5 Best Reasons To Discover Rhode Island Hotels & Resorts This Summer

The Preserve

Jun 20, 2021

The 5 Best Reasons To Discover Rhode Island Hotels & Resorts This Summer

The best reasons to discover Rhode Island Hotels & Resorts this summer. In the world of luxury accommodations, Rhode Island hotels are an undiscovered gem that rivals the experiences and surroundings you find in the Hamptons. From the pristine beaches and acres of untouched northeast wilderness to the luxury accommodations and upscale dining, Rhode Island is truly an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts and visitors who desire a lavish getaway. Read on to discover more of the best reasons to discover Rhode Island Hotels & Resorts This Summer

Immaculate Wilderness – Discover Rhode Island

Townhomes on the Green | Discover Rhode Island Hotels

Townhomes on the Green | Discover Rhode Island Hotels

Rhode Island is home to thousands of acres of lush New England wilderness that creates the perfect backdrop for your stay. The country’s smallest state experiences every season, meaning guests can try a number of different activities depending on the weather while taking in the ever-changing scenery. The area is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Summer is the ideal time to enjoy a game at an award-winning 18-hole golf course or a scenic walk with the forest as your backdrop. The colors of autumn are best observed on a horseback ride, while a blanket of fresh winter snow is perfect for snowmobiling or cross country skiing. No matter what your interests are, you will find an outdoor activity to your liking while surrounded by the stunning landscape of the state.

Five-Star Dining – Discover Rhode Island

A New England luxury vacation is not complete without indulging in the cuisine the region is known for. At Rhode Island Luxury resorts, you will find everything from classic and comforting regional favorites (such as clam chowder, lobster rolls, and oysters) to upscale French and European-inspired dishes. Do not miss a stop at a raw bar for some of the freshest seafood caught off the coast. As with much of the New England area, the changing of the seasons also affects what you will see on the menu at fine dining establishments in Rhode Island. Oftentimes, chefs will craft their menus around what is in season and take inspiration from the remarkable landscape and atmosphere of the state. The freshest, finest local ingredients inspire a sense of comfort and provide the most memorable dining experience for guests.

Stunning Coastline – Discover Rhode Island

Beaches in the northeast can become incredibly busy during the summer months, especially in scenic areas in Cape Cod and the Maine coast. But while beachgoers go north, many of the pristine seashores of Rhode Island remain untouched or at the very least less busy. Rhode Island is called the Ocean State for a reason, as there are over 400 miles of coastline spanning everything from perfectly sandy beaches to rugged cliffs. Because the state is so compact, you can easily reach the shoreline in under an hour from anywhere.

Rich History –  Discover Rhode Island

Rhode Island has the distinction of being one of the first states to be founded during the birth of the nation. Today, it is the perfect blend of old and new. You will find historic Colonial towns along the coast that are still bustling with restaurants, shops, and lively harbors. The highlight of the state is Newport, which boasts Gilded Age mansions and rocky shorelines that are a pleasure to drive by. Other historic sites in the state include the prestigious Brown University, with its stunning architecture and campus, along with Roger Williams Park. Whether you choose to plan a day trip to these sites during or stay or simply stop on the way to your accommodation, you will be delighted by the mixture of modern marvels alongside historic buildings.

Luxury Accommodations – Discover Rhode Island

Hilltop Lodge & OH! Spa | Discover Rhode Island Hotels

Hilltop Lodge & OH! Spa | Discover Rhode Island Hotels

Nestled among the Rhode Island woods and coast are luxury accommodations that match or even exceed the expectations you would have of similar hotels in other states. The Preserve Sporting Club and Residences is one of them. Stay in one of the recently opened luxury suites as you take in over 3,500 pristine acres of New England woodlands. From these luxury accommodations, you can observe the pheasant and deer roaming the majestic landscape of low fields, high-reaching hilltops, and sparkling streams in this resort oasis. All of this serves as a backdrop for our guests as they enjoy a number of world-class, seasonal outdoor adventures and impeccable dining experiences. It makes a perfect backdrop for a luxurious wedding too! The Preserve is now open for the summer. Book your luxury hotel experience at this top Rhode Island hotel today. Visit the news section of our website for more ideas on what to do during your luxury vacation.

A FOUR-SEASON SPORTING CLUB with Luxury Residential-Style Accommodations

Originally designed as a private sporting club, Preserving Sporting Club & Residences now proudly welcomes any outdoor sports lovers to stay and experience one of North America’s premier sporting destinations. With more than 3,500 acres of pristine natural habitat dotted with residential-style accommodations and Residences, The Preserve invites guests to adventure, explore, and feel at home in a world-class, four-season sporting club. Highlights of Preserve Sporting Club & Residences include:

  • A range of accommodations such as Hilltop Lodge suites, private cabins, townhomes, and tiny homes
  • The 12,000 sq ft OH! Spa offering an array of treatments and services
  • Unrivaled outdoor experiences including shooting, archery, fishing, golf, equestrian, and more
  • Multiple dining options serving everything from healthy breakfast to indulgent dinners
  • Two Maker’s Mark “Hobbit Houses” available for private dinners with bourbon pairings

Located in Rhode Island’s forested southwest, Preserve Sporting Club & Residences is easily accessible from major East Coast cities and airports while still feeling worlds away. Here, nature envelopes activities and accommodations alike, offering a peaceful and natural setting perfect for everything from snowshoeing in winter to kayaking in summer.