Hobbit HouseTM at The Preserve: Dine at Your Own Luxury Hobbit Hole

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Jan 6, 2022

Dine at Your Own Luxury Hobbit Hole

Are you a fan of the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy? If you have ever wanted to be transported to the magical setting inspired by the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien for an upscale dining experience you’re not soon to forget, look no further than Maker’s Mark Hobbit HouseTM at The Preserve. Read on to learn more about the hobbit hole’s magical setting and storybook feel.

Entering the Hobbit HouseTM

Maker's Mark Hobbit Houses

Dine at Your Own Luxury Hobbit Hole | Maker’s Mark Hobbit Houses

Just like in the fantasy film, the first thing you will notice about the Hobbit HouseTM is that they seamlessly blend with the stunning nature of the property. The unique getaways are nestled into hillside boulders and are surrounded by a lush and welcoming landscape. Natural wood and stone are heavily incorporated into the architecture, with tree trunks being an integral part of the design. Once you’re through the intricate and iconic round door, you’ll feel completely transported into Tolkien’s ”Middle-earth” realm. Inside, you will find an intimate interior with stone floors, artfully stacked stones walls, authentic whiskey barrels, and a table artfully set for you and your guests to enjoy the meal to come. The flickering candles and wood-burning fireplace offer just enough light in the evening to take in the charming decorative details and enjoy the craftsmanship of the hobbit hole that you will never forget. While overhead skylights allow sunbeams to shine through for a bright and cozy daytime dining experience. Make your dining reservations at the Maker’s Mark Hobbit HouseTM today.

Dining at the Hobbit HouseTM

No matter which Hobbit HouseTM you dine at, you can expect an upscale grilled menu and fine bourbon pairings available for lunch or dinner. Each course is thoughtfully prepared using LeCreuset, the original enameled cast iron cookware that remains an iconic tabletop style statement. However, the portions are anything but hobbit-sized. You and your guests will gather around the custom-designed Maker’s Mark wood table to enjoy a four-course menu inspired by regional and seasonal ingredients. Dining at the Hobbit HouseTM is more than just enjoying a meal – it’s an unforgettable experience.  Dine at Your Own Luxury Hobbit Hole

About Maker’s Mark

Lovers of fine bourbon will appreciate the personalized touches from Maker’s Mark found around the hobbit hole. From the table made from repurposed whiskey barrels to the unique bourbon pairings available with every course of the meal, these small touches are an ode to the Maker’s Mark legacy that spans generations. At the end of the evening, make sure to unwind with a glass of your favorite bourbon around the fire pit under the stars.

Other Opportunities at the Hobbit HouseTM

Maker’s Mark Hobbit HouseTM at The Preserve is the star of social media moments seen by millions around the globe. Visitors can capture magical moments of friends and family in and around the enchanting hobbit hole that is decorated with the season. If you’re interested in this unique dining experience, click here. Throughout the year there are additional seasonal opportunities to book a half-hour time slot to explore the Hobbit Hole with your friends and family to stage and take photos today or contact the team at The Preserve for more information on this unique experience and other one-of-a-kind accommodations and photo opportunities on the property.

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Dining at The Preserve

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” — Virginia Woolf

At The Preserve, “wellness” is broadly defined. And nowhere is this truth more evident than in the array of dining options which we offer to Members and guests.

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