Young couple receiving head massage at beauty spa.

OH! Spa at the Preserve

Rejuvenate the body. Recharge the mind. Reanimate the spirit. Your personal wellness journey begins at the OH! Spa at The Preserve.
Think of all that the OH! Spa at The Preserve presents as an itinerary of luxury. Treatments on your journey blend ultra-modern equipment and product with methods ancient and profound. And chief among our inspirations – and, we project, your own – is the grand design of the Northeastern wilderness and its mountains, forests, fields, and gardens in which we make our home.

Immerse yourself in the landscape of a luxurious spa sanctuary like no other. Distinctive treatment trails lead to the ultimate destinations – the fulfillment of your needs, the realizations of your thoughts, the enrichment of your very soul.

Two jacuzzi tubs in a spa. Two spa chairs in a room. Shelves of various spa products. An indoor jacuzzi at a spa. The entrance to the OH! Spa at the Preserve.

Information and Pricing

For information and pricing on all of our activities please view our activities overview packet.