A Day in the Life: Fly Fishing at The Preserve at Boulder Hills

The Preserve

Jun 27, 2017

A Day in the Life: Fly Fishing at The Preserve at Boulder Hills

It’s just before dawn and the coffee steam winds through the cool morning air on the porch. Tranquil symphonies of birds and leaves gently blowing in the breeze are the only sounds you hear. Gearing up for a day of angling, the surrounding nature invigorates you.
A Day in the Life: Fly Fishing at The Preserve at Boulder Hills. As the wilderness envelops you on your trek to the water, you pause to check your gear once more. Everything is in order, so you continue to venture ahead. At the pond, you step into your waders and boots and prepare your rod for the first cast of the day. Carefully, you tie your bait to lure the bass beneath the surface. As you pick up your wading stick to maintain your balance, you step take your first step in.
As you cast, your eyes follow the arc of your line, carefully awaiting the first catch of the day. Your repetitions create a quiet melody as you gently toy with the fish below. When the first bass tugs on your line, you smile as you pull him towards you. As the fish surfaces, you draw him closer to remove the hook and begin again.
When midday approaches, you pack your gear and head to the Wood River. Stocked with brown and rainbow trout, anglers from near and far enjoy fly fishing along the mesmerizing river. As you tighten up your wading belt you step in, searching for the nearest eddy to begin your pursuit. Steering clear of the river’s current seams, you venture further. Though the pristine river water is colder than the pond’s, it doesn’t phase you when adrenaline kicks in. Trout are in view as you release your line towards the water. As the first strike attempt is made, your heart beats faster.
Engrained in this lifestyle which takes years of practice, gentleness and beauty are part of your angling efforts. As you cast again with finesse and care, a sense of calm envelopes you. You breathe deeply and settle into your spot; this is home.
Welcome to Rhode Island’s only four-season sporting retreat. Head down to the water and join fellow fly fishers at one of the seven fully stocked ponds at The Preserve at Boulder Hills. Embrace nature on hundreds of acres of private land for an example of natural luxury unlike any around. For more information on fly fishing at The Preserve at Boulder Hills, click here.
By Christine M. Petrarca, Mott & Chase