A Guide to Your First Luxury Getaway of The Year

The Preserve

Jan 22, 2021

Looking ahead to your first luxury getaway of the year?

With spring around the corner, and the outdoor weather brightening up, everyone is excited about some incredible outdoor experiences. However, those who don’t already live in the country are faced with the challenge of traveling and finding the right accommodations in a post-COVID world. With the importance of staying safe and cautious still fresh in everyone’s minds, many are contemplating what the best way is to approach a trip to the outdoors, or the best way to plan a getaway in general. Luckily, some proven ways can make your first post covid trip safe and enjoyable. The Preserve Sporting Club has many options available for those looking for an outdoor experience with a variety of accommodations and overnight packages. The team at this New England destination and the luxury resort is also taking extra COVID precautions, as outlined in the OH Well program.

Planning Your Getaway

Naturally with COVID at the forefront of everyone’s minds, staying safe and taking proper precautions is going to be a top priority for travel planning. The best move is to spend some time planning out where the trip will be, how isolated it can be from busy areas, and the best way to travel there to minimize risk. When it comes to the type of trip, and the activities you plan, outdoor activities are the perfect way to create an escape while maintaining a healthy level of social distancing. The inherent luxury of a beautiful cabin paired with a gorgeous New England landscape is an amazing way to create a getaway for Spring. While on the trip, it’s easy to plan a variety of hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and sport shooting activities to provide much needed fresh air and nature experiences. While some would be content with a “luxury” getaway ending just at the room, The Preserve feels that it should extend into the outdoors, and the experiences you have within.

Keeping Safe While Traveling

A big portion of planning your trip will be the traveling itself. Ensure you’re using travel methods that minimize social contact and the overall risk is usually the best choice. It’s best to pick a destination that is relatively easy to drive to, as driving is the least amount of risk compared to flying. If you’re planning to carpool, it’s best to make sure those you’re traveling with either already live with you, or have at least been tested beforehand. The Preserve, for example, is an easy 2 and half hour drive from New York and less than an hour from Boston.

The Importance of the Destination

Part of planning your luxury getaway is the importance of the destination itself. Not so much the geographical location, but knowing that the destination has your health at top of mind, and has been taking excellent precautions to ensure cleanliness throughout. Knowing that your destination has been taking proper precautions such as sanitizing surfaces, performing deep cleans in between guests, and otherwise keeping up with COVID best practices is the smartest way to make sure your luxury trip goes off without a hitch. Here are just a few Preserve properties, their respective amenities, and how The Preserve has taken extra steps for safety and health.

Our Preserve Properties

Laurel Ridge Homes

Cozy CabinsFor those who truly want unparalleled luxury, the Laurel Ridge suites offer the spaciousness and comfort of your own home along with the amenities and luxuries of a world-class resort. With homes ranging from 1,800 to over 4,000 square feet, spa-like bathrooms, and rustic fireplaces. The scale and available rooms of the Laurel Ridge homes make them perfect for families looking for a luxury getaway. Not to mention that in addition to all the comforts of home, a dedicated concierge will accommodate all the necessary amenities for food, extra children’s requests, and more.

The Cabins On White Tail Ridge

The cabins and personal accommodations at White Tail Ridge go above and beyond when it comes to providing a sense of home. Not only do you have a spacious cabin all to yourself in the beautiful outdoors, but it’s paired with luxurious resort amenities and services. The different cabins on offer provide different levels of space, amenities, and different technology options. All cabins, however, include welcome and departure amenities, fully equipped kitchens, and luxurious sitting areas.

Hilltop Lodge Suiteshilltop home slider

The 18 luxurious Hilltop Lodge Suites which will open this Spring are perfectly suited to your luxury getaway. With amenities ranging from an in-room private bar to granite countertops and marble floors, they have everything you need to complement the great outdoors and the great escape into the wilderness.

Cozy Cabins

The Cozy Cabins represent a true “getaway” experience. Nestled night in the wilderness for a trip that is unmistakably rugged and adventurous, it still offers complete luxury and comforting solitude. All the cabins at the Preserve will be available later this year and are fully equipped and contain luxurious bathrooms & kitchens.

Private Dining

Hobbit Houses

holiday hobbit houseIf you’re looking for a luxurious dining experience, you can’t go wrong with the Maker’s Mark Hobbit Houses. One-of-a-kind grilled entrees and bourbon pairings make for one of the best dining experiences you’ve ever had. The Hobbit House is going above and beyond to ensure your private dining experience is not only luxurious but also safe. All parties are being kept to a small size, and extensive sanitation measures are being taken with every booking.

Safety Standards

While The Preserve undoubtedly represents a perfect outdoor, luxury getaway, and provides everything you could need to complement an exciting outdoor adventure, what’s most important is the property’s commitment to safety and cleanliness for all rooms and accommodations. Between each visit, The Preserve is performing a deep clean, full sanitization pass, and complete changeover of all personal items in all homes, suites, and cabins. For additional details on safety policies, the Oh Well Program, and details about the plan to move forward as capacity restrictions are lifted, contact one of The Preserve’s planning experts today.

More About The Preserve

If you found these tips helpful and would like to explore more about The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences, including the luxury dining options, contact us today to learn more.