How To Celebrate Your Covid Vaccination

The Preserve

May 28, 2021

The Preserve How To Celebrate Your Covid Vaccination

Photo: The Preserve How To Celebrate Your Covid Vaccination

How To Celebrate Your Covid Vaccination : The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences

Plans are getting made, people are getting outside once again as vaccines begin to roll out in wider numbers. The emotions on tap once people get their vaccination are obviously quite high, rivaling those of a luxurious wedding, graduation, or finishing a marathon. It certainly feels like we’ve been through a lot, and people understandably feel like celebrating! So what’s the best way to mark the occasion? There are lots of activities we’ve been keeping on the back burner for the past year in anticipation and now we’re finally getting back to enjoying them.
Events like eating in a restaurant, maybe going out to see a movie in a theater, and especially being able to comfortably see relatives & friends again are all high on our lists. That last one is what struck us the most, as we’ve all been very distant over the past year, and now we can finally get together for a great social experience. That’s why we feel a great luxury getaway with some amazing outdoor adventures is the perfect celebration for your vaccine.

Finally Getting Outside

Above all, we feel that finally getting back outside and going on an amazing outdoor adventure is the perfect escape for everyone celebrating the vaccine right now. Not only are we all getting healthier and safer because of it, but the weather is getting nicer for all of us to experience spring and summer in the best way. New England above all else offers the best possible place to make this happen, with beautiful landscapes, trails, and rivers all ripe for exploring. What’s even better than outdoor exploration and adventure, however, is an adventure with friends and family.

A Getaway with Friends & Family

There’s nothing that’s calling our names right now quite as loudly as a great family and friend getaway and luxury accommodations. Getting outdoors in the beautiful wilderness of New England with luxury cabins and prestigious housing is the perfect way to ring in the freedom of traveling and socializing once more. Of course, we still recommend that if there’s anyone in your party who’s gotten their vaccinations very recently that you wait a couple of weeks so that it will have maximal effectiveness.
And of course, we always recommend practicing courtesy for everyone else also enjoying The Preserve. While many of us are healthy and vaccinated, there may be others who are still at high risk. Beyond this precaution, our staff will be wearing masks and following safety protocols so your party can have the best getaway possible.

Discovering New Outdoor Activities

With the warm weather and the great outdoors coming to life, the vaccine couldn’t have come at a better time. It will be the perfect time to finally branch out and explore new sports, activities, and outdoor adventures of spring and summer. Activities like fly fishing, nighttime stargazing, tennis, hiking, golf, and clay shooting are all available at the Preserve, and all offer great experiences for parties looking to break the mold that’s been cast over the past year. In addition to all the great outdoor activities, A vaccination SPA Day just might be in order.
After all this time, we all definitely deserve a calming experience that can help us unwind. After spending a great day outside nothing will feel better than a relaxing spa treatment from the best staff around. The OH! Spa is currently opening for guests of The Preserve during their stay. Your vacation is waiting at The Preserve Sporting Club. Reach out today to explore all available activities, accommodations, and activities for you and your family. Visit the news section of our website for more ideas on what to do during your luxury vacation.
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