List of all classes for October

22 OCT

Cost: $125.00
Level: Beginner

Introduction to Defensive Shotgun (100)

This four (4) hour class focuses on the pump action shotgun and its time-tested reliability and effectiveness as a tool for self-defense. This course explains the operation of the shotgun, advantages and disadvantages when using it for self-defense, shotgun manipulations, and more. We then move to the range to conduct loading, unloading, malfunctions drills, and live-fire drills.

This class is for the shooter who has never fired a shotgun or is new to using a shotgun for self-defense. You will learn a number of important shooting skills and shotgun manipulations to build upon in future classes.

Students should bring a shotgun, approximately 75 rounds of slug ammunition, eye and ear protection. A reliable sling is required for this class.

(Includes Sandwiches and refreshments)

29 OCT

Cost: $125.00
Level: Beginner

Ladies Beginner Pistol

Sorry guys, this one is for ladies only! This four (4) hour class covers firearm safety and shooting fundamentals in the classroom and then it’s off to the range. We cover grip, stance, ready positions, loading, unloading, shooting drills, and more all at a controlled and comfortable pace designed for the new shooter.

This is the perfect class if you have never fired a gun or are a beginning shooter. This course will give you a solid foundation in firearm safety and basic shooting skills which you can build upon in more advanced classes.

Students can bring their own firearm, 100 rounds, eye, and ear protection or it will be provided by The Preserve.

(Includes refreshments)