The Best Dog Breeds for Upland Hunting

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Feb 25, 2022

The Best Dog Breeds for Upland Hunting at The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences

If you enjoy upland hunting, here is The Preserve Sporting Club’s guide to the best dog hunting breeds.
It may be argued that, for an upland hunter, a good bird dog is more important than a good shotgun.
The definition of “upland birds” varies. It’s safe to define them as not being water fowl and to say that they vary widely in terms of appearance and size. They are most often initially encountered on the ground in light brush, high grass, and even cornfields. We’re primarily talking about quail, pheasant, and grouse.
Upland bird is a catchall term that generally refers to most game birds that are not waterfowl. While these birds vary in size, shape, and appearance, they are commonly found on the ground in grasslands and open fields. While they may hide in denser wooded areas, upland birds are most often hunted in grasslands, cornfields, and lighter brush.
The best dog breeds for upland hunting
Now let’s take brief looks at most upland hunters agree are their best canine partners.
The consensus number one choice is the English springer spaniel. They move effortlessly in zig-zag patterns over bush terrain as they literally follow their nose. Their extremely dense coat permits them to penetrate dense thickets.
The German shorthair pointer eagerly plays the dual roles of hunter and family dog. They naturally take to pointing and are particularly well suited to pheasant hunting.
Then there is the Vizsla, a Hungarian breed that does not tolerate low temperatures. The high energy that makes it one of the most coveted bird dogs is not always welcome in a domestic environment. In the field they demonstrate the value of top-notch muscle strength. They seem to adapt to water far more quickly than their thin coat might suggest.
My German shorthair pointer is a beloved member of the family. Naturally, that makes this breed my “best in show” pick. Choosing your upland hunting partner will be a joy.
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