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The Perfect Shotgun for the Finest European Tower Shoot in the New World

The Preserve

March 16, 2022

Read a sportsman’s review of the perfect shotgun for a tower shoot at The Preserve Sporting Club.

I’m indebted to the staff at The Preserve Sporting Club and Residences in Richmond, Rhode Island for sharing their comprehensive knowledge of the challenges inherent in a European tower shoot, and for their willingness to suggest how best to meet them.

There is an oddly personal connection between hunter and shotgun, and it is based on comfort. The shotgun must mount quickly, swing smoothly, stand up to rugged use, and maintain accuracy. You might be surprised to learn that there is little correlation between these characteristics and the expense of the shotgun you purchase.

The perfect shotgun a Preserve tower shoot.

Let’s cut to the chase: I’ve found that a 20 gauge is the most comfortable, easy to manipulate shotgun for me. Barrel length, action, choke, and ammunition choices will emerge after a great deal of experimentation. To be honest, my jury on these options remains out.

I state for the record that the most exciting European tower shoots in the New World happens at The Preserve Sporting Club. Its tower is the tallest in the Northeast at 210’ above its lowest station, ensuring that birds fly high and fast. With 12 stations, 24 shooters, and enough guides and dogs to support all of the fun, The Preserve hosts the finest tower shoots extant.
And its onsite Sporting Shoppe superstore can meet your needs with an unmatched array of shotguns and shells.

So enjoy your hunt for the perfect-for-you shotgun and everything that goes with it – including the European tower shoots at The Preserve Sporting Club.
To learn more, including dates of upcoming Continental Hunts and arrange a tour, call 401-539-4653.