The Wellness Benefits of The Great Outdoors

The Preserve

Jun 23, 2021

The Wellness Benefits of The Great Outdoors

With winter upon us, we’re all staying indoors much more often than we were before. With everyone remaining safe and cautious as a result of COVID-19, and the added element of colder weather, this is definitely going to be the season of staying home. The Wellness Benefits of The Great Outdoors can be discovered at The Preserve where unparalleled luxury meets inspiring outdoor adventure. But is that really the best thing for us? Of course, we all want to stay safe and healthy, but what will the effects of such a lifestyle be on our mental wellness and well-being? We will always need fresh air and outdoor experiences, as they are crucial to maintaining a well-balanced life. Luckily there are a great number of outdoor experiences and wellness opportunities at The reserve in Rhode Island. With everything from outdoor hikes to the soon-to-open OH!Spa at The Preserve, there are several of ways to make sure you keep your mental wellness in good spirits.

Mind & Body & Outdoors

It all comes down to the inseparability of mind and body. You can’t necessarily have the complete health of one without the other. Even with the absence of illness, things like stress and a negative mindset can get in the way of us feeling our very best. This is where the outdoors come in. Many people find that when they’re outdoors, experiencing nature, and getting fresh air, they experience a sense of calmness, relaxation, and a deeper sense of focus during and afterward. This is no coincidence. The benefits of an outdoor escape on mental wellness are well documented. The experience of taking in what you see, hear, and feel in nature will undoubtedly improve your mood and sense of well-being. The change of scenery is sometimes all that is needed for a complete transformation that brings us back into life. Oftentimes, the things that have been weighing us down in life, be it work, relationships, or other daunting responsibilities, are intrinsically tied to our environment. Changing things up can instantly put us in a different headspace, and a better mood. Beyond simply helping you “feel” good, there are a number of brain benefits as well for a great outdoor experience. Being outdoors can help you regain your sense of vitality or focus, as well as help, improve your sense of creativity. There’s something about simply getting lost in the woods, with all the natural life surrounding you that can stimulate new ideas and refocus your thoughts. When it comes to the outdoor activities themselves, there’s really no limit on what you can choose to do. Everything from hiking, to kayaking or hunting, are all great ways to get outside and reap the benefits of a good outdoor adventure.

OH! Spa at The Preserve

When you’re all done with your outdoor adventure, the question becomes how to continue the benefits, and continue to rejuvenate your mind and body? The answer lies in following up your outdoor adventure with a relaxing spa treatment. The outdoor adventure does wonders for your mind and thought process, which contributes greatly to your overall well-being, but your body itself might still be holding stress anxiety. These issues might manifest themselves in a number of different ways, but most commonly show up as muscle inflammation, soreness, tightness in joints, or back pain. This is where spa treatments come into their own. The simple treatments and amenities that come from a spa day such as massage therapy, hydrotherapy, facials, aromatherapy, and many others can relax the body in ways you could only imagine, releasing tension and improving your state of mind. The benefits don’t stop at the physical either. Spa treatment has a massive effect on promoting mental relaxation, relieving anxiety, and getting you back into a proper headspace. To bring an added level of luxury and wellness to guests, The Preserve is opening the OH! Spa in spring of 2021.

A Healthy New England Escape at Hilltop Lodge

When the outdoor adventure is over, and the spa treatment has brought on the best aspects of relaxation possible, you might be wondering where you head off to at the end of the very long but relaxing day. Luckily, a hilltop lodge located right in the heart of the wilderness helps to keep the experience going. The Preserve’s Hilltop Lodge, one of the most incredible luxury hotels in New England, will open this Spring and is the perfect way to make this experience complete. Offering the best in luxurious accommodations to keep the escape going, while still providing the best amenities for rest and rejuvenation. For those who want their own place to call their own, Hilltop Lodge currently has a number of luxury New England residences available for sale. This hotel-like experience will be available starting in the first part of Spring 2021, so look ahead for options and availability for the best luxury living. The amenities at The Preserve make for an incredibly relaxing experience and set the stage for a wellness-filled experience for the best girls-getaway, family vacation, or romantic couples escape. The setting, the activities, the spa, and this luxury New England getaway all come together to make for incredible wellness and a reinvigorating experience. If you found these tips helpful and would like to explore more about The Preserve Rhode Island Luxury Resorts, including the luxury restaurants, and luxury resort accommodations, contact us today to learn more.