How To Plan A Post-Vaccine Upscale Family Getaway In New England

The Preserve

Apr 6, 2021

The Spring and Summer seasons are almost here, coming with a strong desire to finally get outside and have a great Family Getaway In New England, or vacations. This is especially true since many of us haven’t been able to fully enjoy it since last year. COVID-19 has been a very challenging time for everyone, but the future is looking more promising every day with vaccines being rolled out and distributed to all segments of the population. In a few month’s time, it’s looking like the vaccine will be able to reduce the risk significantly for everyone. For those who already have the vaccine, or are planning to get one in the very near future, this is great news as it means more freedom to plan getaways and adventures. With this on all of our minds, many are already planning getaways and outdoor adventures. We’ve all been looking forward to stepping outside and enjoying activities. Families, couples, friends, and just about everyone are planning different types of trips to make these spring trips count. However, there are still some things we should be considered as we plan our trips. Depending on the size of our group, our activities, and other factors, there are some ways to make sure we’re planning the best possible New England vacation with safety in mind. Here are just a few ways we can plan the best possible New England getaway this Spring and Summer.

The Type Of Trip Matters – Family Getaway In New England

When planning your post-vaccine New England getaway with your family, the first step is naturally to decide on what type of trip is best for the occasion. While it might be tempting to let your mind run with all kinds of vacations and travel plans now that things are opening up, there are certain kinds of trips that are safer than others. For example, while people are getting vaccinated, there are certain parts of the world that are still keeping things closed until later in the year. Just as well, it’s still wise to try to be outdoors in the open air as much as possible to minimize risk. This means that an outdoor trip is one of the best choices for the inaugural post-vaccine trip. When choosing the destination itself, it will be smart to pay close attention to the amenities and lodging available to ensure that even with the vaccine, courtesy and precaution for other guests can still be maintained. Most of these precautions will include:
  • The destination of choice follows good cleaning and Covid-safe practices
  • The location can offer adequate space for the number of people
  • The activities everyone is taking part in offering enough space
</div >These precautions kept in mind, an outdoor escape is one of the perfect choices for your getaway. The New England outdoors is a tremendous experience especially in the spring as the trees and flowers bloom, and outdoor sports begin again. The Preserve Sporting Club not only offers an amazing outdoor experience filled with plenty of activities for your family getaway but also offers luxury accommodations for family and friends. There are plenty of cabins, accommodations, homes, vacation rentals, and other lodging choices offered to cater to any size family or group looking to have a memorable trip.

Choosing a Luxury Cabin and Other Vacation Rental Options – Family Getaway In New England

Choosing your accommodations for your trip is an important step in planning your trip, especially post-vaccine. The Preserve has many luxury cabins ranging in different types of amenities. There is the Hilltop Lodge, which offers impeccable luxurious services and prepared options, as well as smaller cabins for a more outdoorsy feel.

Whitetail Ridge Cabins

Laurel Ridge HomesThe Whitetail Ridge Cabins is a luxury option available and offers beautiful space, convenience, and all the amenities of a personal residence. This is the best choice for larger families or groups who want an amazing luxury experience when they come home from a day of outdoor adventure.

Laurel Ridge Homes

Laurel Ridge HomesLaurel Ridge Homes are far and away the most spacious and luxurious of the available accommodations. With a massive open space, and multiple cottages available, the Laurel Ridge Homes offer all the comforts of a home with the amenities and services of a luxury resort. With options ranging from 1,800 to 4,00 square feet, and luxury spa bathrooms with sprawling full-kitchens, there are endless options for this luxurious choice for your getaway.

Cozy Cabins

For something a little more intimate and closer to the outdoors, The Preserve’s cozy cabins when opened later this year will offer quaint, refreshing accommodations with all the spirit of a great cabin trip. Explore available openings and discover the beauty of a secluded retreat.

Hilltop Lodge

Hilltop Lodge & OH! SpaIf you’re looking for a New England vacation rental that has a combination of luxury, convenience, and added amenities, the new Hilltop Lodge at The Preserve Sporting Club opening this year is a perfect solution. Offered with fully equipped kitchens, living areas, and fireplaces, 18 well-appointed suites overlook beautiful outdoor surroundings and provide guests with a restaurant and full-service spa just steps away.

Choose Great Outdoor Activities – Family Getaway In New England

The next step is to choose the activities you want to do on your getaway. The Preserve has countless activities and sports on offer, and the spring season is the perfect time for everyone to explore new activities and possibly discover new passions.

Kayaking & Canoeing

Located with guest access to the beautiful Pawcatuck Watershed, the beautiful landscape of New England offers amazing kayaking & canoeing opportunities for those on a getaway. Over 57 miles of rivers, all of which are calm and serene make this a perfect choice for families looking for a relaxing escape.

Mountain Biking

The mountain biking paths provide everything from gentle slopes and hills to rugged terrain and exciting challenges for those looking to explore off-road. This activity is perfect for those looking to cover some serious ground during their getaway.


Amazing hiking trails are available that explore the great landscapes of New England. Available for all ages, and all levels of difficulty, the trails await those who want to go on a hiking adventure.


Whether you’re picking up a racket for the first time, or if you’re an advanced player, the tennis experience at The Preserve makes for an incredible time. Featuring two clay courts and a grass court, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to a great game of tennis.


For those looking for a more thrilling adventure, zip-lining will give you the best possible view of the gorgeous Rhode Island landscape. Zipline across massive expanses featuring over 250-foot drops, cliffs, and valleys for a truly memorable trip. Available for any level of experience.

Rock Climbing

Featuring a custom-made rock climbing wall for everyone from advanced climbers to beginners, the rock climbing experience will take you to new heights and make for an amazing family experience.


A getaway wouldn’t be complete in the warmer months without swimming. At Preserve Sporting Club, overnight guests can enjoy a beautiful new outdoor swimming pool on the estate, or even take advantage of the stunning Atlantic Ocean beach at the triple five-star rated Ocean House, just minutes away.

Continue to Take Precautions

As mentioned, even when you have the vaccine, it’s important to maintain precautions and safe habits when taking your trip. We recommend ensuring that everyone in your party has had the vaccine and that all parties do their best to be courteous of their distance from others. We can accommodate everyone, and try to ensure that everyone is safe as things continue to unfold. All of these activities, and more, are all in store for a New England escape and can make for an incredible choice for a first post-vaccine escape. For complete information about the steps being taken at The Preserve Sporting Club, click here  If you found these tips helpful and would like to explore more about The Preserve Rhode Island Luxury Resorts, including the luxury restaurants, and luxury resort accommodations contact us today to learn more.