What to Look For in a Luxury New England Home

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Jan 5, 2021

What to Look For in a Luxury New England Home

Buying a luxury home in New England can be one of the most fulfilling things in a lifetime. Becoming a part of that scenic or historic charm can be an incredible experience. To assist, here are some simple considerations to keep in mind. These considerations should help guide your journey and illustrate that homeownership is much more than the house itself, it’s a sense of belonging. What to Look For in a Luxury New England Home?

Explore Homestyles

One of the first things to consider when looking at a luxury home, no matter which part of the region you’re most interested in, is the style and design.
New England homes have a lot of variety. Charm and different designs and come in many different flavors. Many different styles have been cultivated and thrived over the years, so there are many different concepts of what makes a great luxury home, depending on where and when it was made.
For example, colonial homes are a very popular choice because of their expansive entryways and stately feel. The long chimneys and arched doorways have a very high class feel to their look. Victorian homes grew to prominence in the 1900s and are known for their tall shapes and scalloped roofs. These large sprawling properties have a very grand sense of scale, and a very old-world feel to them.
Because of New England’s beautiful woods and waterways, many people consider the perfect home or second home to be reflective of the great outdoors, using natural woods and windows to allow for natural light.
For those who are after something more modern, tiny homes have seen a recent surge in interest amongst new homeowners. These homes may seem small, but offer a lot of charm and can make for a very interesting lifestyle.
And finally, for something convenient and new, you might enjoy a townhome or a condo suite. Townhomes and condo suites like the Preserve’s Hilltop Lodge are well suited for people who are looking for all these elements together, as they offer many available options while offering the wilderness and outdoor activities right at your doorstep.
Explore different styles before going further into your search to make sure you choose a home style that fits your type of creative expression.

Make Sure it Fits Your Lifestyle

The next important factor to consider when buying a luxury New England home is your lifestyle and how you generally spend time there. This goes beyond just what you like to do in your downtime, but what you generally want a house to “feel” like. The feel of a house goes beyond the flow from room to room, but also how it connects to the outside and the environment it’s in. You want to make sure your home not only flows as you walk around in it, but also as you enjoy life outside of it.
New England in particular is known for people who love the outdoors. As a result, a lot of luxury New England homes are located very close, or right in the middle of beautiful outdoor escapes such as preserves, forests, hiking trails, mountain biking opportunities, and opportunities to explore. Make sure this is the lifestyle for you if you explore the possibility of a New England home, as outside of the major cities like Boston and New York, this will most likely be the setting you’ll find yourself in.

Be Prepared For The Upkeep

The challenge of home upkeep cannot be understated when looking at luxury New England homes, especially if this is a second home, as the challenge must be coupled with the existing upkeep of a primary home. For people wanting a maintenance free home, luxury lifestyle communities like the Preserve Sporting Club & Residences might be well suited. In some lifestyle communities, landscaping and major maintenance can be handled by the management company for a fee or if the property is part of an expertly run rental management program.

Know The Local Amenities

Whitetail Ridge Cabins | What to Look For in a Luxury New England Home

Whitetail Ridge Cabins | What to Look For in a Luxury New England Home

Beyond the house itself, making sure you’re living in a place where you can enjoy and indulge in the activities and amenities you truly love is a crucial part of homeownership. Too often, you can get lost in the world of numbers, zoning laws, and plans, and you might forget that you will still need to live and enjoy life while you’re living here! Looking around the local community at the restaurants, outdoor recreation, local shops, local culture, and proximity to local attractions will paint a much more detailed picture of what life is like at your new home.
For example, it might be beneficial to explore local trails or see if you are near any bodies of water if you’re into hiking and boating. The same is true for all other types of recreation, such as golf or even mountain biking or rock climbing. It always helps to live somewhere where your passions are at your fingertips.

Nearby Places

Beyond the local amenities right at your doorstep, knowing nearby places and businesses is helpful as well when choosing the location for a luxury home.
Exploring local shops, restaurants, and other businesses will let you know what type of atmosphere is cultivated in this new town, and let you know just what it feels like to be a part of it.
Taking a tour of a house is one thing, but it’s quite another to be able to walk from the front door of your home into a beautiful wooded landscape and be able to go to the nearby sporting shoppe to get ready for a day filled with adventure, all within a charming New England town.
In the case of The Preserve Sporting Club, for example, guests can enjoy a community full of amenities, plus the beautiful Rhode Island beach at Ocean House, just 25 minutes away.

Explore The Tradition and History

The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences | What to Look For in a Luxury New England Home

The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences | What to Look For in a Luxury New England Home

Diving into the history and pedigree of a luxury home can truly enhance the experience of luxury home living, especially in a place like New England.
Since this province has been around for so long and so many generations and cultures have left their mark on all aspects of living in the area. Even if you’re living in a recently built property, the area will always have echoes of history living in it. Learning about where it comes from can make living feel special.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to making sure you’ve explored not only the house itself but what living means to you and how you plan to make it your home. Those small considerations and adventures into different areas of luxury home ownership open up a new world of opportunities in life. It’s that adventurous spirit, learning more about not only a home and a place, but about yourself as well, that makes it worth it.
If you found these tips helpful and would like to explore more about The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences, including the luxury dining options, contact us today to learn more.

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