A Day in the Life: Ziplining at The Preserve at Boulder Hills

The Preserve

August 31, 2017

A man wearing a red helmet, riding a zip line.

Your reservation is at 10am but you’ve been up since 6 just watching the clock as your excitement grows. The clock strikes 7am and you pick up the iPad to watch videos of ziplining; you already feel like a pro. As dad reads the paper you grab a bowl of Frosted Flakes and prop the iPad up so you can keep watching. It’s almost 7:30 now and as mom cleans, you follow her around the house begging to wake up your brother.

Whining as you get the “no,” you pick up the iPad and start texting your buddies. They’re meeting you at 9:45 so they must be up by now. Too impatient to wait for their replies, you head to your room to get dressed. As you slip into your hiking kicks, you hear movement in the next room. You bolt across the hallway and jump on your brother’s bed; you won’t be in trouble since you didn’t actually wake him.

It’s 8:30 and you’re ready. Your brother is still scratching his head wondering if he’s really even awake. You toss him a granola bar and tell him to move it; the big event awaits you just moments from the house. You finally get everyone out the front door and head to the zipline, ready for action. The instructor asks who wants to go first, and you run to the front of the pack.

As you reach the top of the platform, your heart begins to race. The breeze is gentle and the sun feels warm on the back of your neck. The instructor is waiting for you at the top and you pause for a moment to take it all in. You take a deep breath and move forward. As you step into the harness, the instructor double checks all the buckles. After the carabiner clips to the line, you’re ready to fly. Holding onto the harness with your left hand and the guide wire with your right, you glide off the platform and feel like birds must feel when they coast. Soaring through the air you smile and wave at your friends below, feeling on top of the world.

You lose your breath and your stomach drops but the smile remains pasted on your face like a permanent emoji. The crisp morning air blows your hair as you continue your flight towards the opposing platform. As the ride comes to an end, you brace for the dismount. Exhilarated, you climb down as fast as you can, only to hurry back so you can fly again. Looks like your brother’s awake now!

Try ziplining at Rhode Island’s only four-season sporting retreat: The Preserve at Boulder Hills. Just one of the many adventures that awaits, zipline for a glimpse of hundreds of picturesque acres. For more information about the adventures that await, click here.

By Christine M. Petrarca, Mott & Chase